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i was 10 months clean, but i started to self harm again a month ago. after every time i cut, my stomach turns and my hands shake and my whole body feels weak in general,and it isn’t a good feeling. has this happened to anyone?

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hi savvy, i saw your post a while back and since i haven’t been in this position before so i was not sure how to approach you. but  i just want to let you know that if there’s anything you would like to discuss. i found this useful: maybe you could give it a read and see if it is good or helpful… it is talking about the self-harm relapse and how you should not worry because it happens sometimes. something stressful may have caused it. you should give it complete reading as it give many reasons as to why it must be happenig.


My hands shake when I get done but my stomach doesn’t hurt…do you think it’s


sorry, but the text is broken…what were you going to write ?


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