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I wanted to share an incident because it changed my attitude towards life drastically. My sister is doing medical, and so has to be on call and tend to patients in the ICU. During her call, she happened to be dealing with a patient who experienced a cardiac arrest, and who’s pulse unfortunately stopped. Her senior had declared it of no use to try and save him, but my sister didn’t give up. She did CPR on the patient for 30-40 minutes, and miraculously managed to revive his pulse. My sister taught me that a lot of negatives are present around you, but it isn’t worth stressing about when they aren’t under your control. The only thing under your control is yourself and your attitude towards things, and this incident is an example of that. Just by staying positive and persisting, she managed to save an actual life of somebody, and if that isn’t inspiring, I don’t know what is

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Wow! This is the perfect example of constantly trying to get what you want despite the negative notions from others. So inspiring

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