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I wanted to ask anyone who can answer my question…
I have depression, anxiety, have been stressing a little, and get triggered by little things. I always stay home and I don’t go outside, I get headaches a lot, and was wondering if that has anything to do with my mental state? Recently I have been losing a lot of hair…like a lot so does that have anything to do with that as well? Btw my headaches aren’t that bad but it gets annoying bc I have them mostly every day, there are some days when I don’t get them… sometimes the pills for headaches don’t work and I have to deal with them.
I hope someone can answer my questions 🙃

2 replies

When you take stress, it’s not unusual to know that you’re facing hair loss and headache. Do some activities that makes you happy and you feel relaxed. If you keep on stressing it’ll get worst. Find out the reason for your anxiety and depression and work on it. If it’s getting worst then I suggest you visit a doctor.


Hey, take out time for your self… Do things which make you happy or go to some place near nature. Try out new things…Go out with friends and if not with them just go do it alone. Be Free. Trust your self everything will be fine and give yourself time. Be Happy and Smiling Always.


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