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Aman @chosenone

I want you to tattoo the following inside your head:


Discipline gives you freedom because it makes you stronger, better, faster and sharper.

This makes you more successful, to the point you can do whatever the fuck you want in your life.

Also, discipline sets up your life in a way where you have time to do everything.

The undisciplined and weak have bouts with depression and anxiety because their body and brain is suffering from the lack of achievement and the lack of discipline.

Discipline > Talent because well,

there is nothing more common than wasted talent.

Maybe the top 0.1% of talented individuals can get away with a lack of discipline.

But the other 99.99%?

The right amount of Discipline can beat every single one of them every damn time.

So stop using excuses and get your asss back in the trenches.

Work on yourself.


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