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Lys @purplelyss

I want to try new things, so I will probably stop ballet next year for start taekwondo or maybe other thing, don’t know
But, is it too late to start taekwondo if I have 16 years? Cuz, I read somewhere than at 14 it is already very late so 🕴️

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Karthikk @karthik18

Nothings too late… we can’t sure when it helps… learn what ever u could…

By the way do you know drawing ??

Lys @purplelyss

No I don’t know how to draw sorry

Karthikk @karthik18

Give it a try… you’ll realise the beauty in it 🙃

Lys @purplelyss

I should for some of my oc(from my novel) but haha it isn’t a practice than I really want to learn

Karthikk @karthik18

Hahah it’s okeyy…


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