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Rex Wrter @gaeds

I want to talk to someone for hours. I feel so lonely and I need other the opinions of other people. No one is there with me and I feel miserable.
That is one of the worst feelings. And probably the hardest to get over. I need the opinion of people I value and they are never here. I am so alone. No one cares about what I do, and I don’t blame them. But then, who am I even supposed to blame? Myself? There it is. The answer. I am not doing the best I can, because I don’t have options. I could have been a better singer than I am now but I cannot. I am a 13 yeor old girl and my vocal range is C3-C5 I am literally a tenor. Not a contralto, not a mezzo, not a soprano. I can’t sing most songs. I feel like crying when trying to do so.
I can’t sing most female songs and even some male songs. Never try to tell me to embrace my voice because that is not how music works. Talent = Being able to sing low AND high. I cannot sing high. My family can’t afford any vocal lessons but I just really want to sing. It is my childhood dream, I’ve been singing ever since I was 3 years old. But no one will ever care about it

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Hey! Don’t worry about the recognition of your talent. Just focus on improving your vocals for now. Everything will be okay soon & be more socialize with your friends. Spend more time outside the internet. Be positive & be patient


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