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ravu @ravu

I want to talk… but not with anyone… just want talk with the person who is gone be mine for forever… who is gone take all my silly drama… who is gone listen all my sheet without getting board… i m at the age when i don’t want anything temporary i want my permanent one right now. where are you yarrr…😖😖😖

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Same yaar
Even though I m doing much better now, I still want to confront him and want to get answers of so many questions I have for him.
A part of me always irritated because it still keeps waiting for him, inspite of knowing that he won’t come back.
And there is also a part of me who doesn’t want him back.


Wow !!! Seems like you been thru enough of fling shit … Don’t worry bud you’ll get there and even if you don’t get today , atleast be rest assured you didn’t again fall for a temporary fling

ravu @ravu

I know i will definitely get my right one… but right now i m missing him very much… i don’t know who is he… i don’t know how does he looks but still i m missing him

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