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i want to suicide, i m facing financial problems, present situation is out of my hands, so i want die. no one help me to out of this financial problems ☹️

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Rakesh, it is unjustifiable for you to be so judgemental for people who feel the need to commit suicide. A friend of mine a few years ago, someone whom I adored and cared for many years, shot himself. He was not a LOSER nor a “crap” person. He was caring and funny. Mental Health isn’t cut and dry as you’ve put it and its very insensitive for you to respond to someone feeling low in their lives the way that you have.

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Hi Rakesh,

Maybe your heart is in the right place and you probably are trying to help. But you need to understand that believing that people who attempt suicide are losers, is not correct.

Belittling or invalidating someone’s feelings is not helping them. In fact, their ability to verbally express their feelings out loud is a big step in the right direction.

We need to help them through their tough situation.

When someone comes to you for help, let them know they are not alone and that you are there for them and offer to work through their issues. Make sure to acknowledge their feelings.

It is OK to be sad. We may not understand how they are feeling but we would like to understand and offer our support and compassion.

Ask “how can I help you?” and never judge, you can do your best to empathize with someone, but you can never truly know what they are feeling.

Above all, listen and listen and then listen some more. Just be there for them during this period.

Hope this helps give you some perspective!


Hello. I would consider getting some help financially. I was once in debt for quite a few years and went to a company to consolidate my debt. It wasn’t as big as a lot of people but it was a big amount for me. I would have panic attacks at night thinking about the never ending cycle of paying bills for it and not getting out of the hole.

You could go to a Financial Advisor to try and work out a plan on how to cut down on your expenses and possibly how to lower your debt.

The most difficult step is actually seeking and asking for help. The rest - working towards being debt free - just ends up being part of your life and you’ll be more aware of your spending.

Good luck.


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