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I want to start this business but it’s rough and I feel useless. I don’t know where to start or who can help me I only have an idea but I really like it. I haven’t really excelled in something that much in life so I’m afraid to take this risk only to find that there’s nothing of value in the end.

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Here’s the thing, the value that you’re looking for, might not be in the form that you are looking for.
Eg. You might be thinking you have a billion-dollar idea, but in order to pursue that, the things you learn on the way, the networks & connections you build, they become priceless & even if you don’t build that billion-dollar business, your experiences if you’re smart enough, will have taught you enough to give you new insights and get what you want.
Truth is, life is rough and ruthless no matter what. You just have to know what and how much you’re willing to put at stake. & often, no one knows where, when or how to start. But honestly, where there is a will, there literally is a way. You just manifest what you want, and new doors and directions start to open up in your life.

If you feel like, there are a few communities that have these groups where you can talk to other business people or mentors. But I would advise you to listen to your heart first, before getting influenced by any external advice. & There is no correlation to your past achievements and what you are planning to build for your future. The obstacles in your mind are put by society, that wants you to doubt yourself and stay scared. Try to break free!


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