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I want to share my experience and some facts here.
Once I was talking to a guy and I was telling him about how I got an anxiety before my exams and he said he also had an anxiety attack when his girlfriend broke up with him. I (in my mind) thought wao this person must be really sensitive or maybe he is lying… Why would someone have an anxiety attack at the time of breakup. In other words I didn’t know that breakups actually do hurt because before that every single time I broke up with someone it was from my side mostly and I would just take this casually… Guys would ask me the reason and would try to make me stay but I would just tell them not to be dramatic and all. See now I was not the bad person there because I didn’t know that feelings are actually real and breakups do hurt and the other person must be in pain, I never realized that because for me feelings didn’t exist. Then one day I met this guy, I fell for him. I fell hard. During quarantine he broke up with me. That feeling was one of the worst feelings I have had in my whole life. I immediately got an anxiety attack which didn’t go away for 3 days straight. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. I would just cry and pray for him to come back. At that point I realized that every single guy I had broken up with must be in so much pain or atleast they must have felt bad. I goty karma. Sadly it was harder than I had thought. Now I try to take very good care of people around me and I’m trying to become a better person. I’m trying to become an empath. I’m trying to look at things from others perspective. And also please pray for me guys that I get my loved one back since I have suffered alot and I’ve learned my lesson. Peace.

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I’ll pray for you. Never know how much it hurts until it does right?




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