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I want to run away from my home. I need a break. I am done with my life of fulfilling others expectations. I can’t find myself in this whole mess. It’s always my family about whom i should think everytime. Why can’t I enjoy my own time? Just because my family members have always sacrificed their happiness for others sake that doesn’t mean even I have to do it. I want to make my own life the way i want to. Why everytime I have to be tensed whether my dad will say something awful and a big fight will start then or why should i always try to think what would make my parents happy because they have a broken marriage. I don’t want to live in this house anymore. Recently I told my grandparents about their long fight and at the end they tell… as am the kid i must be able to fix their lives… what the hell… i am a kid i want to enjoy like my friends… go out partying lose my damn weight wear good clothes groom myself… Is it that wrong to fight fr your won happiness. Someone just come and take me away from this whole mess.

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant

Hey, I think its the time that you should start working on your body as you said you want to loose weight. And at the same time, try doing things that can reunite your parents. Because if they will be together, I think you are going to feel more better, as it sounds from your talks. No doubt there is your life, but you it would be great if u work with your parents as well. That will bring inner peace out.


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