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Rebecca Olivia @rebeccaoli...

I want to post this because in my last one I got asked two questions and I want to answer then just now. So firstly I got asked what it’s like now for me. Well, a lot certainly changed. And not in the best way either. And the second question was how it has effected my everyday life. It’s not changed my everyday life that badly, only restricted things that I can do and that I must take meds. So overall not the bad. However I feel that my socialising ability has taken the worst change. If anyone has anymore questions about epilepsy and me, my life etc just ask away in the comments xx

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Cristen @cristen

Thankyou for responding to those questions Rebecca. I would again say that seeing your posts gives me a lot of strength. Stay strong, happy and full of life xx

Charu @charu

Thank you for replying to my questions Rebecca. Hope you feel better these days, overall. You are doing a great job here talking like this, I think it is a good step to socialising. You are going in a positive direction.


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