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I want to marry a guy who belongs to same caste of mine. We love each other a lot but my father didnt want me to marry him. He even earns a lot also. I belong to a very orthodox family where love marriage is a taboo. If someone else recommends the same guy, it will lead to trust that the guy is good. but if I tell my father about him, he would think I don’t know much about world. My father is a very strict man and I am very scared of his anger. What should i do?

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I completely understand that what you mean. My family is extremely strict about falling in love and I relate to your story. Is talking to your mother an option? Maybe she can get the idea through to him?


Convince your dad to just meet him once like for lunch or dinner


Show her that you are an independent woman and can take decisions for your life. No need to worry girl.


See it happened to me also there was same situation. In my case there was a problem that we both were students bt his family was forcing him to marry at that tym. He married another girl coz my father refused. See 1st u have to talk to urself whether he truly loves u or not. If he take care of urs and scared of lossing u then do whatever you can do to marry him. I can say this coz i didn’t do that. I let him marring another girl coz my parents were not agree and his has to marry at that tym. Bt seriously i realize today i can never have guy like him. There is a regret. He was saying that he will allow me to study or join pg. So plz never let him go man.


Is your father looking for you a partner via matrimony or something? If so you can ask your boyfriend to create a profile and ask him to approach that way.
Or any relative, family friends who can recommend him to your father? That way you father will think he has found the guy for you and there won’t be any resistance.
Or if the guy’s family is alright with it, can his parents ask your hand for marriage?
Good luck, stay strong. :)

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant

I would suggest you to talk to someone in your family who can start this conversation up. But make sure, your partner is on your side and he will make sure to take a stand for you. Consider talking to him first and ask him to talk to his family as well. And maybe something will begin from their side as a polite way to get things sorted.


Yeah its grt idea

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant

Keep going and I hope for the best:) Takecare


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