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Tanmay @skinnyjean2611

i want to make new friends but i dont know how cause all the friends that i have now are not made by me intensely we just became friends now i dont know how to make people my friend to whom i have never talked before

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What I do when I see a stranger that I want to be friends with is this: I find a way to insert myself into their lives by 1: asking around to see if any of my friends know them, if they do (or do not) then I, 2: Introduce myself after making lots of eye-contact through 1-2 week time period. I make a joke, observe their reaction, and act accordingly. Remember, you want to make yourself seem as appealing as possible.
Mention something that most people have a common agreeance over, (math homework, English class struggles… I’m assuming you are of school-age)
Then,3: don’t forget to keep up the communication the next day and the days after that.
(if step 1 doesn’t apply to you then just go straight to step 2)
Also if you don’t like the sound of this method, WikiHow is a great place to look up these things.🙂

Tanmay @skinnyjean2611



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