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I want to loose weight but I don’t know to keep me motivated all the tym… What to do…


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Just start with the basics
Small step at a time
Start with apple cider vinegar
Fix target for 8k steps
And so on
I was also in the same situation but now i lost much

If you really want to achieve it you gotta motivate yourself!!

Sometimes it’ll be hard but once you enjoy the pleasure of working out then there will be no turning back!!!
Do the exercises which is really fun to do and you’ll start loving them!!

When you go for a jogg plug into awesome music that you don’t find it difficult to enjoy!! Try working out in nature early in the morning because that brings peace❤

I hope this is helpful to you…


If you want to loose then keep motivated then first do your weight and write in on your bed side wall and every morning when you will wake up you see that and start exercise and every night do your weight and write on that paper.i am damn sure you will loose your weight


Join a gym and appoint a trainer. It gives motivation to go because you feel accountable to someone.


Keeping yourself motivated for losing weight was so hard for me too. You have to keep reminding yourself that you need to lose weight and WHY are you losing weight…

Set a reminder, apply the photo of the body your trying to achieve on your phone lockscreen…
Listen to music while doing workouts, take pleasure in it and enjoy it. It will take some time but i know YOU CAN DO IT!