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I want to end it yesterday.

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Dont… think about the closest person to you or your family, imagine how it would feel if they died, its a punishment for those who are alive, and its a bad phase all life wont be so bad…just endure a little so that you can see the good side of life too…while you are in pain and want to end it i have a freind who has cancer and is fighting every day to live wishing she could get some more time to live…life is very valuable…so dont give up so soon…these struggles now will only make you stronger, talk to someone open up about your problems…you will feel better…


Me too …but in my religion islam (or any religion) ending yourself is a direct ticket to hell…in islam it is said that we only live our 1 yr of life on this earth and rest 999yr in heaven or hell
Well, i think or doing it every day but I’m just too afraid hell although my life is hell already but let’s see what happens


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