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I want to eat chocolates before i sleep and not worry about next week’s dentist appointment. i want to listen to old classics with my father and not get pissed at him because of the high volume. i want to make everyone feel a little better than what they feel and not be embarrassed about fucking up my one-minute speeches. i want to show up to class in a weird hairstyle and not overthink about what the bitch who hates me might think. i want to go on long ass walks an hour before my birthday and i want to find spontaneous inspiration in ice cream parlours and old rusted locks and bridges. i want to be as talented as my mother who can bake anything and i want to be as confident as my cousin who stays 13 hours away. i want to spend days in bed, writing about how eating christmas based chocolates is the best 3 some of the love i have and i want to stop having trust issues. i want to learn calligraphy and drums and i want to understand the logic behind every law in physics and i really want to stop being lazy and i really want to stop wanting things that i probably shouldn’t want. but for now, as cliche as this will sound, i’ll try to be okay with what i have right now. plus, baby steps hm, thats what they say now dont they?

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One step at a time. One day at a time. You will do all of this for sure, I have faith in youuu. You have the passion and zest inside of you. You gooo do what you have to xx


Got similar wishes for the coming college life of mine!


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