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“I want to die, to know if people around me really cares”

Do you know that feeling?

I want to know if those people around me really loved and cared for me. I want to know if they’ll miss me.

Is it weird to feel this way?

3 replies

Its not weired accually. Its because you feel left out and bored. I always thinks about that. ‘Will my friends cry in my funeral?, will my family cry for yrs?, or will they be happy to see me dead? Or did they pity me?’ I really wanna know those stuff. Bt when you spend thinking of that you will realise everyone will be sad just because they miss you for no reason. But its not the real feeling they had about you. So dont think of those stuff, try to make more friends and be happy and be someone which they will really miss even when you are not around. Good luck and stay safe.


How can I make friends if everyone leaves me ang get tired of me because how pity I am they said 🙃


I think like that yhe same way…even now in thinking of how to die and all the world seems as lie at a point…it’s not your or my fault to feel this way because it’s the situations, betrayal and people who made us like this🙃


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