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I wrote a big ass thing. And erased it. What’s the point?


The point is I did what make my whole family life miserable

Shashank @seareon22


No matter what happened dude I’m sure it’s not worth as sacrificing your life think about your family and friends before thinking something stupid like this


Actually now I can see only this that my life insurance can. Make alright every thing

jay @jay12


Why??? There is many beautiful things in world . Do things what makes you happpy. Life is not too easy. This is a phase of difficult times. And time flies.


Hey there, what is currently happening to you that makes you feel this strong emotion. I am all ears if you wish to speak.


Hey, i read from comments that you made your family’s life Miserable somehow and you wish something like this for yourself then it must be something real bad but one thing is for sure dear that they are your family after all
And they won’t forgive themselves for life if you did something like this because they’ll think they failed in raising you which should not be true
So whatever you have done it may not be correct or undo but you can try to do better for them and for yourself
Give yourself second chance because you deserve it
Just think this through for once


Just think bro!.. Supposed to solve the problem right?.. U r just turning it all off if u r gonna do that


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