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I want to cry soo bad…I’m screaming and dying inside but I can’t outside…my tears don’t come out,Im unable to cry 🙃from a crying mess I changed into a person like this…can I recover from this🙃not even treatment for my depression worked out

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Venkat Pv @vnky

I wish u could cry and get the sad thoughts over from your mind.
Can u watch some comedy videos in YouTube. I know that will not solve the purpose but atleast u will be happy for some time :)


I tried it but after completing the video I’m falling into the oblivion again and I don’t feel like watching videos too…I’m playing them by having an absent mind and roaming somewhere else

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Jasspreet @jassie77

Thats so sad. Believe me!
I went through the same thing and it will get better someday. Hope for the better days and never give up.
If you’re feeling really sad try to do the things that you really loved in your childhood. Or maybe try one of your forgotten hobbies

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Dark @darksaski

Well, ofc you can recover from this things iff ya want to :)
Your willpower, desire n faith in your own selves will bee of great help but maybe u don’t have any one of em atm but hey hey, it’s alright…it takes time. Life might suck off the soul in you as of now but remember “This too shall pass” and it will pass for sure . It’s okay to cry sometimes and I even kno how it feels not to be able to cry. You ain’t alone always remember that…Just try talking to someone you trust about it…try doing new things ,like music? Anything that makes you feel better…in order to get outta one thing, indulge yourselves in another. Not that simple but you’ll make it out for sure cuz remember, maybe you’re Falling in a deep pit where it seems as iff there would be no come back from it but do not forget that you’ve got wings . Just try flying. Yea you’ll fail in start but failure is a part of success…never lose hope n keep trying.
N if ya feel like talking…m here…
My best wishes


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