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I want to celebrate my maturity today. I feel like the last few years were tough, I was given something I didn’t know how to handle. But gradually, with the support of friends and family, I was able to get the help I needed desperately. I’ve become a much better version of myself, much more mature than I was 2-3 years ago. That growth makes me happy and gives me hope. Today, I’m able to believe in my ability to work things out even when the going gets tough. I am able to stop myself from ruminating over unhelpful thoughts and do things that matter to me and make a difference in the world. I am able to let go of grudges and reconsider my beliefs and my opinions of other people, I am able to see the problem from the other side of the river. I am able to take care of myself and love myself, even if I’m not where I want to be yet.

That, that is growth. Let’s celebrate our growth, let’s celebrate small improvements, let’s celebrate self love.

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Simran @st1199


Kuddos to you for taking the step and becoming a better version of yourself. 😊

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