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I want to breakup with him because he have hurt me so much and he is the one who broke up with me first but I am not and I can’t let go of him.I started to have hope to get our relationship back and i go back to him begging and after long begging he let me in in his life and the same cycle start again he hurt me I asked him not to,he broke up with me and i go begging the never ending cycle
And i am tired of this and I want to be strong enough to let go of him
What should I do???

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9 replies

Sandesh @cadbee

You need to move on… Focus on your career and job

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Himanshu heman @himanshu_h...

Do yoga while breathing ✨️


Just think that he is no more in your life or just think you didn’t met him ever in your life and just start livingg your life with happiness and live the way you want


I know its not say everyone will say move on but no one would say how to first of all calm down and try not to think about him its difficult but yeah with few passing days you will be all over it

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Abhijeet A.K @akabhi

I would say that you ask his feelings for you like really he loves you or not and still if u r not getting the answer then end this relationship for your good and later time will heal you

Yash vir @yashvir1951

please don’t ever do this again you deserve better than this never ever think that you are you are a lot stronger than u imagine have little faith yourself .

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Aarohi @_aro_hi_

Just let him go bcoz he won’t change he will repeat that cycle again nd again nd you will hurt at the end , just stop begging bcoz he don’t care about you ,your feelings ur emotions don’t Matter to him so just let him go ,i know it is very difficult for you but you have to do it , just try to keep urself busy in other things , always remember one thing what ment for you will definitely come nd whats not that will go definitely despite of ur efforts so just let it go .


See if you have to beg for someone then it’s not worthy to be in relationship, just take a bold step of move on seriously trust me it will be very better for you…

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samir Patle @sammie

Do meditation… If You don’t no how to do… then tell me. I will help you… inam sure meditation can help you…to heal…


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