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I want to be a good football player. I am 26 years old now. I am from Sri Lanka. Everybody says I’m too late for this, and no club is getting players this age. But I feel like I can do it. Actually, my parents didn’t have enough money to send me to a football academy. That’s why I haven’t played football yet.
But the only thing I feel every day is that I want to do what I love most. So I thought I had to make my football dream come true. I don’t want to enter big football clubs or millions of euros. It is true that a certain amount of money is required for monthly expenses. But I have to fulfill my longing. I have normal football skills. I believe if somebody has unbending self-confidence, the age is only a number.
There are many late bloomers in football. There are plenty of football players who have played soccer until the age of 40. That means I have 14 more years left. The only thing that I need is earn money by the thing that I most love with enjoying it. I always believe “Better late than never”. Please advise me. Thank you very much

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Hey there,

I think you should fine a football coach over there who is willing to make your dream come true . Nd yes you are right age is just a number . You can still achieve your dream . Just hold on to this positive attitude and you will one day . 😊


Thank you very much…! 💪❤️


Go for it! Life is short and you don’t wanna carry regrets of how amazing life would have been if you had acted differently! You can actually do it now when you got time! Keep that spirit up and try the best you can do with the available resources.
Ignore people they won’t even remember you if you keep living as per their standards. They were too scared to pursue their passion and hence encourage a mediocre life.
Doing something different… that takes courage! This is your story dude, you’re the hero. And you decide what happens in your life not people. When you make it big, the same people will come to you to get autographs man and say “Oh yeah I know him personally and I had pushed him to achieve his goals”.
Good luck! Hope some day I see you playing internationals on TV. 😃
Come back to this thread if you do, I don’t watch games but if I know you’re playing I would definitely want to see. Cheers!


Thank you very much…! 💪❤️


If you love football. Then playing it without any pressure will make you real happy. Be a coach or something.


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