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Hey, what’s wrong I’m here please tell me


Its hurting; like so much. I’m not able to explain in words. The thought that I’m just being a burden keeps growing.


Burden on whom?
The fact that you feel this way is because you are yet to know your worth
Who ever you are just know that you’re not a burden on anyone… It’s just a hard time and it will pass
Stay strong and try sharing things
We are here to support you! 💕

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Ann @cherryb

It’s ok…I get it…but you are here share with us what’s wrong maybe we can find solutions with you


I was supposed to be married by Feb but my wedding was called of in December…I’m happy that it did but what i feel bad about is how i kept telling the guy is not right and no one believed me… Even my family and friends didn’t


I had to put up for 8 months before my family even realised I’ve been right all along. When the ppl i call my own don’t believe me I’m not sure who i should be going to

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Ann @cherryb

I can feel you ik how it feels when you can’t look up to your family for support…it’s ok thay does not make you a burden…why do you feel like that


Families can be stubborn sometimes, they force they apply their methods to us they control us,ik, but we have to be strong and stoood still like a thick wall Be calm and patience thing will get alot more easy to handle trust me


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