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I wanna put my mom in a home… bc its too hard me taking care of her… my younger brother and myself and do my job… i just wanna crawl in a hole and be depressed. But I cant bc everyone needs me. Andno one cares to help. I’ve even told everyone I wanna die and im close to killing myself. But no one cares.

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I think you should do whats best for you. If the people around you get upset that you put your mental health first than thats their problem, You shouldn’t feel obligated to take care of your mom, especially when no one else will help you. You’re in a bad place right now, think about what would be best for you and your mom. Do you think you’ll be able to care for her in your state of mind? Do you think she will feel good seeing her kid become a mess because of her? Please look after yourself before looking after others.

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