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I wanna know how humans could live in loneliness , anyone please share their Worthy experience ? So that I could do the same way

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Listening to Alan Watts, while drawing is a way for me to cope loneliness. But, to cure loneliness is to discover yourself and find someone/community to fill the hole. I found myself a Dungeon and Dragons club and it filled up that hole. So, don’t be scared to test things, explore! Even, if you are stuck in your home, the internet is here. It may take the next 10 minutes, tomorrow, or years from now, but if you just keep looking, you’ll find something to fill that hole up. And quarantine is not helping us at all so you’re not alone at feeling loneliness, that’s somethin xD

Ishita @ishita

Writing down everything that hurts, trying to find peace within myself, listening to some soothing music and sharing my feelings on social platforms like now&me and some other. Decorating my room by putting up quotes and different DIYs.
I personally suggest you to make a diary. For me that was really helpful. Sing your heart out when you are alone. This might help you.


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