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I waited for her to return…

she found this handsome hunk… when she returned from the US.

It was a shocker, the other guy was new… like phone pop up, popped out of think air 🫤 and they fell in love, went on date that holiday season… and a year later they got married too…

it was so horrible for me… and I could not digest that I was sidelined.

Let me think…

I was short.
I was one year younger.
I was from another religion.

But why did she wanted me first and then pushed me away?

I have never annoyed her, neither was I toxic.

I supported her dreams.

May be she thought that, I will be nice in understanding that she fell in love with other guy… and support it too.

My vision just scattered, into blocks and reassembled that day.

Years passed… and she wants to reconnect with me, and talk to me… like everything normal.

What is this human trying ?

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