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I used to think and maybe still do that once, as an adult, I put a finger on things that my parents did wrong, I would be able to forgive them or atlest understand them better.
Apparantly, that’s not true at all. Rather the more I am able to see their faults for what they truly were the more it makes me angry. Infuriated.
And I recently came upon the idea that,'it’s OKAY to be mad and it’s OKAY to hate the people who did wrong by you even if they were your parents. Atleast for a while, atleast for as long as you need to be that in order to heal and be on your own side.
That makes so much sense to me it’s alarming!
It’s hard to practice ofcourse. Because being angry is not what we are "supposed " to do as per the world. And it’s drilled deep into us, these selfharming morals. But I guess knowing this is the first step in the right direction.

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Who said you are not supposed to be Angry?? Please don’t listen to them. Like joy and sadness even anger is just that, an emotion.
However noone in the world is all black or white.
I’m sure they have good in them too and do some good stuff. Just concentrate on their positives.
Take care of what you have have embibed in your nature from them. If you don’t like something improve that.
You can only change yourself. Work on yourself.
Just bless them. Be kind to them and to yourself.
Maybe after noticing taht you have changed they might change as well.
Forgive yourself and them.
Be gentle.
All the best. Take care.

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