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I used to read and hear that girls want their loved one to notice them, to respect them, to be with them. And in reality, I often found it to be misleading. That a lot of girls actually fell for the jerk who does not treat them right, who would hurt them. Is this a never ending cycle where those with love and care only find themselves in gutter?

I keep searching for love and care in someone who does not even bother to love me back. Her answers are so casual and formal that I can’t even see how we have been together for so long. I tell myself every morning that don’t keep holding on, but at the end of the day, at the end of the night, I go back to nostalgia to hurt myself. Isn’t love supposed to heal rather than hurting so much?

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Hi. I think that girls have different paths in order to find the one that is destined to be with them till the end. It includes the pain of a heartbreak which I think is needed for them to be ready to that destined one. And no, it’s not a never ending cycle because love will always prevail when it is true:) so a girl will find the one who’ll give her the exact love she wanted. Love is actually give and take, it won’t work if only one side is giving while the other one is not:) It may sound cliche but love does not come when it is searched however it comes naturally. Don’t hurt yourself:) Love will come into your life. Love causes pain and eventually heal. When love is true, it will help you heal no matter what pain it is you are going through:) So don’t stress yourself too much:) It may be hard today but it will get better soon:) Cheer Up!
~Sending Virtual Hugs~


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