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I used to get lot of thoughts
I used to get lot of appreciations
Lot of poems were printed in newspapers and magazines
I never cared to read them or feel too happy
I just neglected them
But now I’m interested to write and I want to improve my writings
I’m got able to write more now
But I’m trying to write

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Writing is something which comes extremely naturally to someone, it can’t be forced. It’s mere creativity. So to be able to write, give yourself some time, sit back relax, get in a better and clearer headspace and let your creativity run wild. Grab a cup of coffee and start penning them down.
Do let us know how it worked out for you. Hoping to read a poem the next time you reply :)


Yes I’m doing that dear ! Definitely I’ll reply here when I wrote a poem which I love love for the next time


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