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I used to get bullied for 4 years of my childhood and those still hunts me. I was alone and never wanted to go scholl. I just have one friend till the day of now. She loves me so much and I love her so much as a friend. But whenever I think I have to live without her someday or I have to go different college than her … I fell like I cant do it. I wanna make many friends but I just dont know how to talk first. And I think if anything happens they will leave me and I’ll be alone like I used to be before. That’s the most horror thing in my life.

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Hey there! I can completely relate to you! I have been b ullied since I was 8 years old, i never really had any friends and the ones that I had walked out of my life! In the past 6 months, a close friend who I really loved did the same! It does leave you broken but I have one friend since the 11th standard and we talk almost everyday, we are in different countries but the distance does not bother us. realistically True friends stick so have faith in that friendship, even if you are apart. The right people will always stay :)

I know how you feel. I was bullied until I attempted suicide many times, but somehow I lived. I’m glad I did. I made some friends. It was hard, especially as they’re my twin’s friends at first so I feel like I’m an extra, but they care about me and I care about them. I know a lot about being alone and a lot about being scared of being left. But sometimes it’s better to have loved and lost than never loved at all, even if it hurts like hell. You’ll get there and have many friends. I believe in you