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I used to feel I’m worthless
Now i know it was because
I used to be all about you
I used to admire you like anything
And then i lost me
When i lost you,
I shattered into pieces
My feelings were a mess
I know you feel i overreact a lot
But now i just don’t care
Of what you think about me
I used to a lot
I won’t lie
But now i don’t
Or at least i am trying not to
It’s been hard to move on, honestly
But yes, I’m trying
It always wet my eyes
When i get reminded
Of the times we spent
And all the things i learned from you
Of all the days you helped me out
And how you made me feel
I could always rely on you,
Trust me, i never intended to
But how could have i stopped myself
From falling for you
I had never felt cared like that before
There wasn’t anyone but you
Who i looked up to,
Plus, you made sure you were
There for me in rough times
And i didn’t have any clue
That you were
Going through things, too
Maybe i wasn’t there enough
Maybe i couldn’t be good enough
To make you want to stay
To make you feel okay
So yes, i feel i deserved to lose you
Cause all you were to me
Was more than i could’ve asked for okay.

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Joy @joyforlife

Don’t feel sad, everybody make mistakes. It’s just you have realised that. Keep calm and relax. Hug for you 🤗


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