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Eli @ch4inedboy

I Uh, broke up with my girlfriend yesterday. She was being shitty like I loved her and I did give her things and words she loves, we always had a good time and she did those back to me. We were perfect to each other full of love and care but then she started flirting with that one friend of her, and it was inappropriate flirting that should be said to lovers you know not friends, I confronted her and she use that ‘‘I know I acted immature’’ Excuse and that she took my love for granted, I hated that so much and I still do but I miss her now… She kept begging for me to give her a chance and said ‘‘You promised to stay with me for the next two years’’ then I said, ‘‘How can I stay with a person who is flirting with their friend like that?!’’ so we havent talked in a day after the break up, I didn’t give her a chance since she needs to learn instead of thinking i’d always stay. I really wanted to let her stay but I now that I have to let it go, she should learn that her actions affects things in life you know? I love myself so much so I don’t wanna make me be all sad, have breakdowns, overthinking and bad shit but this does hurt.

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anonymous @literally_me

You’ve done right … Always what people say isn’t what they mean … Action speaks the truth of what going inside them… And I believe once a Cheater always a cheater… If she loves how can think of someone else in your place… I faced this I did the mistake by giving the chance to my partner!


Action speaks louder than words. I gave my ex a chance and he screw it with another girl. I hope you don’t go the same shit as mine.

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Eli @ch4inedboy

Thats what my last one did, but I thought this one was different you know? they asked to be friends… and I agreed since I couldnt not just talk to her and she hints that she wants to be with me and saying she wont do it again but I dont wanna be in a relationship with her for now so she learns that she fucked up, and I told her she fucked us up. So just waiting and gonna see what happens next but I hope you find a better person


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