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Zi @lizzy456

I turned down a good job offer because of a gut feelung I felt like moving somewhere else after graduation, then immediately regretted it and asked if they would still consider me for the position. Now I’m waiting for an answer but still don’t know what I want

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Prabhakar M N @mnpsatan13

When it’s hard deciding what you want, try deciding what you don’t want

bri @ylrmb

I applied for a rental house in a different town from me and then applied to for a job transfer in the same town and now I’m waiting to hear back from either because I can’t do one without the other. But I also don’t know if I want to leave or if I’m just irreparably bored with my life and trying to make it different.

Zi @lizzy456

I get that feeliing! Turning down the job offer would mean looking for another job and moving when I’ve found one, so everything would change. Generally, I think it is more likely to regret not taking chances than making an active decision, but I have a hard time following through on that


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