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Body DysmorphiaThought

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I try so hard to have a better relationship with food. I’ve been trying my whole life. But I just get into bouts of binge eating, then feeling extreme guilt and trying to throw it up. I eat healthy, I exercise, I do everything but I just can’t stop my binge eating bouts. I feel so horrible about myself. Everybody talks about body positivity and I used to feel good about my body, but recently I started feeling unhealthy so I decided I want to be healthier and let’s face it, everybody wants to be thin and pretty. Just hate hate hate hate myself for enabling my binge eating disorder.

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Rash @rashminator

I’m a binge eater too. I’m a total foodie and I hate myself for eating so much. But honestly, the minute I eat I feel good in that moment. Minutes later I do regret it. And no, everybody thinks they want to look “thin” and “pretty” because of the latest stereotype because of all social media. Honestly, just love yourself and if you end up eating just enjoy it that’s what I’m telling myself.


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