I tried my best, I believed in whatever you said, I played the game which I didn’t want to play to keep things interesting, I choose to believe your words even when your words doesn’t matches your action, I choose to be non judgemental about every evil side you shows.
I choose to be with you supported you when everyone disowned you even the closest one who you thought will never never betray you.
I holded your hand in the darkest and when it’s loneliest and walked along just to pull you out of it. I was there whenever you felt to someone to talk too.

And look what you did when I needed you more then ever. You raised all the walls higher then ever, you choose to walk away and goes silent on everything pretended everything is fine, forgot to check in on me and, distant yourself
Choose your convenient over my concern.
I feel betrayed.
I should have known better!!

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It’s okay to be sad, hurt and anxious about it. It’s a part of having feelings for others. Relationships are messy, but it doesn’t mean it’s ur fault.


You know why you get this thought? its because you dont value your own existance or potential. You dont think yourself worthy for others’ love and how can you possibly expect the person you just lost to love you. Stop doubting your existance my friend. You are always beautiful and perfect in someone’s eye. those eyes are searching for you - just wait. Dont make yourself so vulnerable for others to gain dominace over you. Believe in yourself. You dont need anyone else to make you smile. They could only be a fraction of reason but never the whole one. I trust you my friend.

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