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I told my sis that I am feeling Lil bit dizzy sometimes.

she said it’s ok we’ll meet the doctor soon.

so we went and she said was so shocking. She said you can be having a Tumour. I was shocked.

I underwent an MRI of the brain then. it was also a terrifying experience.

so the result came…I had a tumor.

we went to see an endocrinologist in Vedanta…he prescribed meds n all.

then I came back home.

overall…my health has not been good until now okay. I have gained 10 kgs of something of weight.

whenever I start working out, I feel sick, I get a fever, my energy levels dropdown.

people mock me. now family also says do workout do this do that, but who tell them I am unable to, if I were able to I would have started to do some good workout on my own and lose some weight.

no one even tries to understand me.

last I went out of the home was in dec in Gurgaon.

I am at home since then. IDK what to say or feel. life’s bad.

not that bad I know, I thank god for so much he has given me and is still giving I know he loves me and he is with me…but I just feel lonely maybe…I just feel people don’t love me like before now. everyone keeps calling me negative, but no one tries to understand why…I don’t think it is easy for a 21 yr old person to process all that has happened in the past year. for some, it might be easy, for me it is not. and I want to allow myself to cry and to be sad without any guilt Mann. if someone is not feeling good they don’t even have the right to be sad in today’s world? People will start giving you tags of being toxic being negative.

my learnings-

everyone in this world is on their own, no one will care about you after a point. so, do whatever you wanna do keeping yourself in mind.

don’t expect anything from anyone. everyone is selfish in today’s world.

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Dc @dc20

You Are Strong 💪 KEEP going You are Unique in Your own way. Dont just Need urself No one else.


thankyou for your kind words


glad to meet a unique person like you, in these kinds of situation, many tend to fail but you accepted in a good way. There is so much positivity in you just wanna say get well soon dude 😀


hey, thank you…someone said that there is positivity in me after what feels like months. Felt good to hear :)


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