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I told  my parents about my love. They are completely against it because of the differences like caste religion and all. Mom and Dad or not taking care of themselves. They are making me feel guilty buy not eating well and not getting treated for illness. They are seriously sick and idk how to convince them to get treated. Because they are very stubborn.

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They’re doing that to prove to you that they do not approve? You know what, one way would be to be patient, think that they’re being immature and then try your best to get them to come around. Another way would be to give them a dose of their own medicine. You can also stop eating to prove a point, that if they don’t, you won’t either. I don’t know if that’s the right way but jokes aside, if you’re an adult and you love someone, you have to make your parents sit down and listen to you and you have to give them logical points. They will ask questions, questions that might be uncomfortable, questions you may not like, or even get angry at, but just try maintain your calm. You’ll have to make them understand why this relationship is good for you and why you want to be in it. You have to address their fears and tell them how little they are in front of your happiness. The secret ingredient is to be patient and to make repeated efforts to make them understand.


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