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i thought we would be okay and happy alk the time but throughout the months i am really not feelings the connection i felt w him its just so overwhelming. love isnt supposed to be this overwhelming and painful. whenever i think abt him i feel a sudden pain in my heart and i dont feel happy. its not like he doesnt love me. its just he stopped trusting me w his issues and i thiink he started to build a walla b/w us. we were so happy and i just want to be happy again with him. i may not be understandin him well or maybe i just dont wanna understand from his point of view. i dont know whats wrong w me. ill try to understand him more. kaybe we need break and time to improve individually and then work on the relationship

understanding him well

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Saurabh Kumar @aesthete131...

Your situation is making me sad. Let’s have a conversation if u wanna talk with someone, u can message me here.

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Adithya @adithya15

I can feel ur situation well as i had also went through with my gf. If u wanna talk n need any help u can msg me.


i would like talking to you abt your experience to make me understand better

Monika rajput @monika_raj...

Don’t be sad just chil and move on to old memories

PUBG @nick_26



guys its me again and i decided to tell him what i was feeling and how overwhelming it is. he didnt reply yet. i hope it doesnt lead to us breaking up because honestly? i dont know what i will do w/o him

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