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Lady bee @ladybee

I thought I had left him but now I believe I’m in some abusive relationship…its fckn wit my mind …as much I wanna believe I have the power but I don’t .
I know I’m stronger than I am at the moment …I love him but he’s emotional and mentally abusive person…(yes he can be physical)he says I’m the one but I don’t see it …im a fool to believe if there is anything positive to come out of it …I aint here looking for advice I’m here at the moment to let out the stupidity I am going through 🤦‍♀️

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Wanderer @wanderer888

Just #relax #breathe #hangaround… you’ll be doing great for sure! Those energies need rearrangement. You’ve taken the first step… #Realization. More power to you… 🤗🤗

Lady bee @ladybee

Thanks 🙏

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Lady bee @ladybee

Oh wow …thts a story… I believe so but it’s hard to understand why this horrific things gotta happen b4 it gets better


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