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I think you’ll never be enough for anyone. Although I try so hard every day to change myself to a better self, someone will always be unhappy. It’s so sad that I meet this person after so long and the only thing he does is complaining about my weight and about my social skills. Now I feel so conscious around him, I feel that I embarrass him.

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Give the chance to whom which do not change you. Just accept you as you are

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Hey you can connect with me! I can share you a relevant experience and maybe you can relate with me!


I guess for you he is the the person but I guess for him you aren’t the person it seems like that…


Maybe it’s his habit or he is genuine. It feels bad when all our efforts are ignored over a few imperfections just in a few words. U can choose to listen and work on your shortcomings or if u are happy to be then just try to best to prevent any negative thoughts from him


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