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I think we are in ldr because we never ask each other that are we officially gf/bf but we are in ldr because we talk night and day each and every stuff we talk , fight , but the beauty here I saw if we had a fight he actually make sure we end that day itself he say he feel jealous if someone like me or I hangout them but they are my friend. But the main issue is now that he is on leave for marriage function for 2 weeks so now he never call or text from his side. And if I did min 5-10 min we talk . He never say good night but he make sure he say good morning. But I am feeling so left out and lonely as the way he used to give attention before now he’s not giving. I understand going back home and that to a marriage family function made him busy. But is this possible that not a single or message he can do once a day. I am the only one managing all the stuff that made me think so much . I don’t know what should I do . should I don’t text or call and wait for his !! Or should I keep doing call or text making 1st move always. What should I do?

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Simran @st1199

This the problem. Just because you get all the attention you assume to have something else and as soon as the attention goes away it gives you “Anxiety and makes you feel Lonely”?

Please always get things clear before jumping to conclusions. It will not make things which you mentioned in your Tags. Also, without actually telling each other how you feel and what you want to call this (the whole thing going on) how can you call it a Long Distance Relationship?
He could have easily messaged you once in a while, no one is every busy to drop a text may be less than usual but it can be done. And even if he is busy he can drop a message saying “Hi!, Sorry couldn’t talk. I am busy in the function, will catch you up later.” So, you should wait for him to start the conversation since you already tried your best from your side. It must be both ways and not one way, always remember that.
Efforts come from both sides to stay in a relationship be it among friends or a romantic relation! Sorry, if it felt rude but sometimes to tell the reality it’s best to use harsh words than buttering the whole thing. 😃💜


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