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aditya katenge @adityakate...

I think too much every possible thought comes to my mind, right and wrong everything, sometimes because of anger sometimes because of kindness, sometimes it feels good but most of the times I want to run away from everything. Am I sick or what?

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AGirlHasNoName @agirlhasno...

You’re not sick. This is human nature. We tend to see too much over things and it has it’s pros and cons. It’s okay to feel your thoughts, let them spiral in your head for a while but remember you need to come out of it too, that’s what’s important.

How will you do that? By projecting your thoughts to something else you like to do - maybe write it down, tell your friend, pass it through by doing your favorite chores.

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Emerald @pearldhand

Human mind is such that only. We tend to think a lot to process and analyze everything. Most of the times, in a regulated and controlled manner , it is a very good thing to do. But when we just can’t get ourselves out of a loop of thinking, pondering, speculating , it gets bit uncomfortable for us as well. We might think we need help , but it’s alright. Let the thoughts come and think over them, but everyday learn to get yourself out from them. Just consciously know that when you are slipping and just not stopping to think, and right then, ask yourself to switch to some work or movie or sleep , something to cut those thoughts.

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aditya katenge @adityakate...

I’ll try this, thank you


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