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i think there is a correlation between the tired and the sad. the more sad i am, the more tired i get. the more tired i am, the more my body hurts. the more i think about it, the more i realize that everything that is wrong with me stems either directly or indirectly from this sadness. this sadness has taken my body hostage. no wonder everything hurts. my insides have been massacred. my heart is still at the funeral. my mind is sick of all the death. i’m tired. i’m tired of being. i’m tired of dying, over and over again.

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What I feel is, if you distract yourself and fill your life with things you love doing, then that’ll keep your mind busy in a productive manner. It’ll help you cope with sadness and in turn motivate you to do more work


Whenever you feel like this, turn to do something which you enjoy. Dance, listening to music, workout anything that gives YOU solace. All the best xx


Felt like i am reading my own words.
Not sure what and how severe of a situation you are in but your words made me feel the on and off similar pain i am going thru or have been there.
Dont hv special tip.
But plz hang on thr , this time will pass.
If possible try talking/chatting with a therapist. Just imagine it as going to a frnd.
Also can look for free therapy session .
Stay strong.


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