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I think that whenever ‘possible’ friends try to talk to me or even just approach me, I unintentionally just come out as a very rude and snooty person. I hate that, and I think people just don’t come to me, thinking that I won’t like them or that I’d be really bitchy. And other than that, I just don’t give much away, so I hope people realise that I’m much cooler…

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Anikaguptas @anikaguptas

It’s completely normal duh. Its just that you are a unique personality


I eventually feel that despite giving my best for someone it happened as if there existed nothing from other side. this led to my failures and disruptions as if I had rendered my life towards all unwilling things and now i instead surrender myself to vagalities of life

Khushboo @khushboo

Hi, i can feel you. Don’t pay attention to them. Focus on yourself and your goals. All the best.


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