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khushi...🖤 @i_am_unnone

I think it is not wrong to come into a relationship but it is wrong to be completely dependent on him, it is wrong to think only about that person. Do not do these strange things to stay away from your friends after coming into relationship.that when that person is gone, you will have no one left Be with yourself but be with yourself more…What do you guys say…???

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Kushagra @kushgpt

So true

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Yes like you should balance your friendship and relationship that’s very important. Being so much attached to your partner that you ignore everyone else can only bring sadness in your life and then you will left with no friends…

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Swotter @kskarthik

Friend you are partially correct. I have posted the below piece once earlier on this platform. I think which is quite relevant to your post.

Validation, friendship and love are all different things. We often confuse and combine them. For validation you don’t need any one. Its you who need to look inward. Friendship is a many things but at core you need a friend to cry, to fly with your happiness above all to share, after all we are social animals. Love takes things to next level, emotionally and then with sexual desires. If know maths, the Venn diagram would look like three circles intersecting each other and one small section where all 3 circles intersect. Some are.fortunate where in they get all areas of these circles filled up, some have some areas empty. The important thing is to know which is which and work on it. Hope I make sense.


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