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I think I’m starting to become a bad person? Recently people have been ticing me off more then usual, things about people that I hate. Some people are just stupid and it’s annoying, some people who haven’t done anything wrong also make me annoyed. I know I sound like a dick but the people I hate most are the people who think they’re so smart when they can’t do or think anything right.

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Hey! Its okay to be angry, it is one of the very essential emotions which shouldn’t be bottled up. So its alright, if you feel that they aren’t goof for you, then just part ways with them and ensure zero contact. That way you won’t be able to get triggered and will be mentally peaceful and sane…
And to answer your question, NO it does not make you a bad person. Yet at the same time, its important to have a control over your emotions and make sure they don’t overpower you.


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