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I think I’m accepting this for the first time, but I’ve always felt alone. Even in school, I had friends but I wasn’t really part of any groups. So even if I hadn’t come to school one day, I don’t think no one would notice. I’m not exactly sad, nor have I been mistreated by anybody. But I just feel more or less invisible, like I never just had one of those personalities that stood out. It’s still a struggle, catching up wit hfreidns nand, no one seems available or willing to make an effort. And I understand how everyone’s busy but I know that they’re not really my friends, merely acquaintances it seems.

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Salim @salim

i agree, growing up we realise how lonely we are truly. everyone comes and goes, but actually no one is your friend. they are only with you for their image and money and contacts. if it is not profitable to be your friend, then no one wants to be your friend,


It’s a step

Indie @indie

Growing up is hard. Life is hard. I feel the same way you do. I got in a relationship, have had 2 kids- I feel more lonely.

Rashmi @rashmimalhotra

You have to accept the reality. But i am sure there are some who are trying hard so that you will have a look at them. Take one step back and look around yourself. Maybe your family is beside you in every step of your life, maybe a best friend about whom you had forgotten about. Just love yourself and know that you are enough

Anikaguptas @anikaguptas

I can soo feel you. I have come here to this website just to write down the same thing as u do. Has this ever happened to you like u want to go to a party or something and infact ur friends also invite u but u know that u will not have a person u can stick to all the time where as all your other friends will be occupied in their friend circle and u will be left alone . So you just say tell them u cant come and give them a wierd reason but inside u really want to go and u have the opportunity


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