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I think I should cutoff my best friend. She has become a different person altogether. There are many instances where I needed her shoulder but she blamed me instead.
This is big one and its a big scarring in my heart since then. I went out with my bestie and she invited her bf which I wasn’t aware of as I thought they where just a friend. She never told that she has made a bf, we never had that conversation which is altogether a red flag as what’s the point of besties if you don’t tell me about such events in your life ie. you made a bf!!!. So anyway we three went out - me, my bestie, and her bf. Her bf seemed okay in the beginning, like he was flirting with her and stuff and I was cool with it. I was having doubts and was going to text her and ask about him once we go back home. But then her bf started flirting with me, initially I took it playfully, felt weird as 2 minutes ago I saw him with her and now with me!!!. He took my giggling and smiling as a signal to get more comfortable. When my friend moved away for couple of minutes he kissed me on cheeks🤦🏻‍♀️. I was like wthhhhh!!!. I told him don’t do this but he was smiling at me. After sometime he started touching me inappropriately 😑. I tried to remove his hands off me multiple times but he was back at it again and again. His hands were in all inappropriate places over my body. I got really uncomfortable and pushed him away and panicked. I was still trying to keep a smile as I didn’t want to create a scene in public. I tried to tell my bestie to let’s go home. I told her multiple times but she won’t listen to me. I was in full panick mode for half an hour after which we took auto to went back home. This trip went from fun to a traumatic episode. Mind you my friend has not yet told that he is her bf. So 2-3 months went by and I got to know that they are official, she used to put up stories with him on social media. I asked her directly “is he your bf?”. I finally told her all what happened with me and him. To which she said “you could have told me at that day itself”. Firstly I was panicking and spiraling in my head about the incident since that day. Secondly, I wasn’t aware they were in relationship. I thought they were just friends and I don’t have to meet him again but if he is bf that means I have to meet him again. He will be part of my besties life. I can’t think of such a boy with my bestie. He is not good. I told her all this. We had a full argument and not once she asked if I am okay, or how am I. I think she never believed what I was saying. She thought I was making it up. I needed her the most at this time and she was really cold towards the situation and tried to shame me like victim shaming I must say. She continued the relationship with him. After a while she caught him with inappropriate texting some girl. They broke up or not I don’t know. She never tell me anything so I am just clueless.
She never supports me in any situation, I am always the bad guy. I had argument with another friend and she never supported me or validated my feelings. I don’t know why I still call her bestie.

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