I think I need someone to talk too. I’m just too lonely nowadays. If only I have a girlfriend or a wife it would be really great.

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Can understand what you mean, but a great friend can be an equally good substitute instead of a spouse or partner if you really just need someone to talk to. Or you can tell here too if you like, all ears!!

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Akash @me_nonenity

I'm under the weather from last 3 days🥺
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Koshaa @koshaa

Feeling lifeless😔
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Raghav @raghavbudhraja10

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Natalie🏳️‍⚧️ @cant

I’m struggling to stay awake
Im back again with this thing that i suffered g7 - g8 (7th gRead more
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Jalaj @jalaj_1912

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now i know what value i am worth? i dont have any even my mom hate me she fucking dont want me in her life just my existence mean nothing to her thinking should i die first so heRead more

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